Ima Suga Cookie, aka Cookie, a quarter horse filly, was born April 26, 2013.  She is registered AQHA (#5538811) as a sorrel.   She is out of Suga Chic and Chance.   



        Zan Parr Express
       Zat Zan Parr Express  
        Miss Chancealot
    Zats Turbo Express    
        Rulers Star
      Miss Skipper Te  
        Toys Te
  Zans Chancealot      
  AQHA #4167553     Zan Parr Breeze
      Zans Mighty Bell  
         Fashion Lady Bell
    Zans Amberette    
        Madison Cowboy Too
      Cowboys Amber Dawn  
Cookie       Suits Me Star
AQHA #5538811       Smart Little Lena
      Smart Chic Olena  
        Gay Sugar Chic
    One Fancy Chic    
        Mr 49er
      Fortyniner Fancy  
  High Brows Suga Chic     Doc's Loxie
  AQHA #4063712      
        Doc's Hickory
      High Brow Hickory  
        Grulla San
    High Brows Dolly    
        Dry Doc
      Dry Doll  
        Hank's Party Doll




Morris, Oklahoma